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Food Wholesaler - Mains Upgrade

Category: Case Studies

Our client engaged our services to arrange for an increased electricity supply to cope with a number of new cool rooms which they were having installed. Our brief was simple, "...we need these cool rooms... so what do we need in terms of electricity to run them?"

Several new cool rooms was going to exceed the supply capacity of the existing infrastructure, so it would require a significant mains upgrade. We calculated the new projected loads and provided a plan for a 400amp mains upgrade.

With our upgrade plan approved by our client, we then mapped out a full project plan with activities, milestones and critical timeline points. The project was very complex and involved us liaising with a number of stakeholders; Management, Supply Authorities, Electricity Retailers, Electricity Projects Depts (for substation upgrade), Supply Authority Electrical Inspectors, Independent Electrical Inspectors and Switchboard manufacturers.

As this was already an operational site, we worked closely with management to complete the upgrade with minimal impact to their existing operations.

Part of the installation plan included the relocation of the main switchboard for the building. Additionally, we had to fully re-route the new supply from the rear of the building to the front, to enable us to connect to a substation which had enough spare load. At every stage we had to maintain close oversight of the existing cool rooms. This was to ensure that their power supply was maintained and temperatures maintained to avoid any loss of stock.

With solid progress made at each stage of the project, we were able to put all the infrastructure in place over the course of 6 weeks. This allowed us to then have a seamless change over to a new supply on a Saturday so that we would not affect trading.