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Aged Care - Power Outage

Category: Case Studies

When a severe storm brought down power lines and resulted in the loss of power to a large aged care facility, we stepped in to restore operational functionality as quickly as possible.

Upon being alerted of the power outage around 9pm, we contacted the relevant supply authority to confirm the level of damage and gauge how long until it would be until power was restored. We were advised that there had a lot of damage, with power not expected to be restored until 6am - approximately 12 hours after the initial outage.

This was a large centre, with 5 separate buildings and a sprawling layout.

Onsite inspection showed us that the most critical power requirements were for corridor lighting and refrigeration for medicines and food. Given the time of the evening and the expectation of having the power back on by 6am, it was clear that connecting all of the building to generators was not going to be viable.

Instead, to enable safe movement around the facility by staff and residents, we setup 25 portable LED floodlights. These were used to light up all the corridors inside the facility and with some strategic positioning, we were able to provide adequate coverage for the whole facility.

With safety in place, a portable cool room and freezer were then obtained which could be independently powered by mobile generator equipment. With the help of the kitchen staff, we moved all of the food from the facility’s freezers/cool room to the temporary one, with critical mediation also relocated.

Within three hours of being contacted about the power outage, by just on midnight the site was lit for safety and all of food and medication were appropriately refrigerated to avoid spoilage.