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Electrical Thermal Imaging

Category: Case Studies

Thermal Image Camera's (TIC) literally see through walls, they see in the dark and even take photos for lasting reference. TIC's don't however measure temperate as many believe, but rather they measure the amount of radiated thermal energy which comes from an item. The level of energy is then used to calculate the relative temperature of the item which we then use in our assessment.

TIC's allow us to see what is happening in a switchboard. By examining the temperate range of the area, we can detect variances or anomalies which tell us that something may be wrong - or at the very least, that a more detailed inspection is required. For example, a loose terminal connection can allow the build-up of dirt in the connection point. Dirt will create additional resistance, which over time will generate heat - and in extreme cases, can see the area overheat and be a potential fire risk. The comparison of terminals with the TIC will allow the loose terminal with dirt in it to show with a different temperature indicator. Immediately this allows us to investigate, clean and tighten the connection.

The TIC's are also extremely useful for tight working environments were access is a problem. The scan can be done at a moderate distance, often negating the need for a more difficult (and potentially costly) manual inspection.

The last point worthy of mention is the value of being able to take photos of the thermal image. These images are no different to a normal photo, in that they can be easily stored and transmitted. Common uses for these includes sharing them with your insurer (to lower a premium), for the assessment of wear and tear over time, or for forward predicative maintenance planning.

If you are not undertaking periodic electrical thermal imaging inspections of your electrical switchboards, then we can only ask why?