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Laser Electrical Moorabbin are a Leading Electrical Services Contractor to the Aged Care industry across Melbourne and Adelaide.

Aged Care providers have critical needs around the safety of their residents and staff, along with the normal commercial requirements of having to run an efficient business. Over time we have developed a highly effective package of systems, skills and delivery procedures to enable us to meet the electrical requirements of Aged Care Facilities.

This includes:

  • Safety protocols, which are paramount when we are operating in aged care facilities, are embedded in our operational processes. Tools are closely controlled, trip hazards minimised, security considered (for residents and staff), site access secured and full electrical safeguards are employed at all times.
  • Risk Management services that include on time compliance reporting, asset inspections, real time asset data base access and forward compliance reporting prompts. All inspections are completed by experienced personnel using industry leading diagnostic equipment.
  • Specialised training is provided to all of our technicians so that they able to respectfully and appropriately interact with all manner of residents as they complete their work. We pride ourselves on being able to invisibly work with staff and residents so as to have a minimal impact on their routines.

Our work is completed to a very high standard with safety at the forefront of everything that we do. Supported by our 24 hour phone and emergency service, we are responsive to requests and pride ourselves for being known for "getting the job done".

Our services include:

  • Testing and Tagging
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Emergency Exit/Lighting Testing
  • Service
  • Emergency Work - 24hr service
  • Scheduled/Preventative maintenance
  • Fault Identification and repair
  • Lamp replacements
  • Lamp supply
  • Site specific reports
  • Data
  • Safety switch testing

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Accreditation Inspections

We know that accreditation is an important requirement in the Aged Care sector, so we provide a comprehensive pre-accreditation inspection service. This means that any non-compliant items are flagged and attended well ahead of time, so that the accreditation checks can be completed seamlessly and without the unwanted distraction of an electrical item being reported.

To assist with accreditations and your wider risk management, we maintain a real time client database for you to access all of your Residual Current Device (RCD) and Test & Tag asset data. This ensures you have this material at your fingertips, when you need it.

Periodic Facility Reporting

To align with the specific needs of the Aged Care sector, we offer a range of periodic reporting to comply with company and industry standards. Whether these are driven by safety needs, compliance reporting, predicative and electrical preventative maintenance or your own service standards offered to your residents, we can customise a report and review cycle which aligns to your needs.

All of our reporting is provided in an easy to read format, inclusive of relevant pictures, commentary and rectification recommendations.

RCD Testing / Testing and Tagging

Completed in our normal high quality manner, this mandatory function is completed quietly and efficiently so as to not disturb residents or inconvenience staff. Appliance testing is in accordance with AS/NZS 3760:2010, using hard wearing tags and completed with the latest in technology.

Digital or hard copy asset registers are available, which include test item, item location and test results. We are also able to record all appliance information (serial numbers, model numbers etc) to provide a comprehensive asset register suitable for insurance use in the event of loss.

Test and tagging ensures that your electrical appliances meet the minimum requirements for electrical safety at the time of test.

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Case Study: Aged Care - Power Outage

When a severe storm brought down power lines and resulted in the loss of power to a large aged care facility, we stepped in to restore operational functionality as quickly as possible.

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